Thursday, September 29, 2011

Incoco-Urban Jungle Glitter Nail Tutorial

   I know that these "dry nail appliques" have been out for quite some time now, I didn't try them until I recieved a pair in my September Birchbox. Also included with the nail appliques was a code to get a discount on a seperate pair  directly from Incoco. I loved them after trying my Birchbox pair so much that I couldn't resist. The pair Birchbox sent me was called "Femme Fatale", I decided on getting "Urban Jungle (glitter)" because well its just gorgeous! 

The Incoco Dry Nail Appliques are so easy to apply, they may look intimidating but don't let the process fool you; its literally fool proof . Incoco has so many designs and colors to chose from, all at affordable prices some cheaper then others. If you don't feel like spending 8.99 & up for Incoco, or waiting till they get to you in the mail you can always stop by your local Drugstore and pick up some made by Sally Hansen(they now have some halloween designs out).

This is Femme Fatale 

Supplies/tools needed:
1. Incoco Dry Nail Appliques or Sally Hansen Salon Effects
2. Nail polish remover
3. Nail filer
4. Baby Scissors

Step 1: There will be 8 nail stickers for each hand, of course you only have 5 fingers on each hand so you won't need them all but everyone has different sized fingers/nails :) so choose the finger you want to start on and find the applique that fits that finger and pull it off. I'm going to start with my thumb.
Step 2: Remove the top clear covering and remove the end, so all your left with is the dry nail applique. So that this is all your left with:

Step 4:  Now peel off that paper on the back of the nail applique. Then line it  up with your natural nail, use a cuticle pusher if you need it. Once dry nail applique is lined up with your nail smooth it out and remove the remained with either the nail filer or baby scissors. It should look a little something like this when you have finished:

Then VOILA! one nail down 9 more to go. Just do this process on your remaining finger nails!

PS-- This is very important, make sure to wash your hands before you apply these and do not use lotion until AFTER dry nail appliques are applied, or else they won't adhere to the nail like they are suppose to. If you do have any problems use a top coat or a base coat and apply it underneath the nail applique to act like glue.

Finished Look

What did you guys think? Are you tempted to try them now? have you tried them? What were your thoughts? 

Femme Fatale was definitely my favorite!!!

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa