Tuesday, November 13, 2012

REVIEW! Bliss Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover

 Bliss Lid+Lash Wash Makeup Remover cost 13.60, I bought it at my local PX (on base) but you could buy it anywhere Bliss products are sold. Onto the review, I was really hoping that this could be a gel dupe for Mac Cleanse Off Oil.. but instead in Gel form.. I was wrong. I have only had this for about 2  weeks now, and its just about empty!! Not to mention it does a terrible job at removing makeup, I will have to use it about 4-6 times for the makeup on my eyes to be completely gone, hence it being just about empty. I will probably only get maybe one or two more uses from it.
 I would not buy this product again.. its on one of those Regret Ever Buying lists and do not repurchase lists. This wash/makeup remover is also very drying on my eye lashes, makes them very brittle. So I will have to apply a conditioner to my Eye Lashes to help stop that drying. I do not like this product at all, guess I will have to keep looking for a Mac Cleanse Off Oil Dupe, one that is better or just go back to it. 

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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