Tuesday, November 20, 2012

Tuesday Night, Feeling alot more like a Sunday Night!

 So right now I'm listening to T.Swifty muh girlll! :D love love love her new album Red. There isn't one song on it I don't love! and drinking my hot tea! Getting some blogging stuff done. Today we went to the Animal Control Center(The Pound) in our area.. they hardly have any dogs/puppies there but an infinite amount of cats/kittens. There has been two times we have walked in to adopt a cat one we just fell in love with.. we went and got the lady to allow us to take the cat out and hold it.. we would come back and someone would be taking it home :( its like a heart breaking moment because I really wanted both of those kittens. but there will be more, all in all I'm just glad they have a home now. But we went today and we didn't really see any that we connected with or that got along with our son. So another time. We will finally be out of this hotel next week on Wednesday! CANT WAIT!!! To finally be in a place we can call home! So exciting!
Cannot wait to decorate it etc.

Anyways heres some T.Swifty dose for you!!! 

I def have some exciting Hauls, and reviews coming up!!!

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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