Monday, October 10, 2011

Henna Ink'd

 So this past Saturday my Husband(Jon) took me and our son to the Renaissance Festival here in Ohio. Before we got there I was determined to get a Henna Tattoo. Those of you that aren't familiar with or what a Henna tattoo is- Temporary form of skin decoration, lasts about 1-3 weeks, a Henna paste is applied in the shape and place of what you want..the paste will then crust up and dry. After that happened on my henna tattoo i was a light dingy orange, the next day I woke up it was a medium brown color. :) I love Henna!

This is what it looked like with the Henna paste on, before it crusted and fell off.

And this is After 2 days, in person its much darker than this
I remember the first time I ever wanted Henna was when my mom and dad took me and my sisters to the Renissance Festival in Maryland. My mother got one and I thought they were just so cool, she of course didn't allow me to get one. SO now I'm finally living my 14 year old self's dream. 

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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