Tuesday, July 31, 2012


Its that time of month again, no not that time. ITS MONTHLY FAVORITES TIME!!!! Its the end of July already boy did it go by pretty fast then pretty slow..but most times fast.I have quite a bit of favorites from this month that I have been using, so brace yourself.

Tend Skin- for Razor bumps & burn and ingrown hair. I use this for my underarms and sometimes my legs.

Blistex- Cold & Allergy Lip Soother This stuff is amazing! It kind of has a taste to it, a nice one of course, a faint sweet smell and i can feel the soothing effect!

Clearasil- Rapid Action Seal-To-Clear Gel- I use this for those random breakouts I get every once in awhile I love these types of things for my breakouts they work great!

Simple Exfoliating Facial Wipes- I usually use Olay Sensitive Wipes, but I decided to try something new and I came across these exfoliating facial wipes. I like them, I use them on the go when I'm in a rush or after a workout. The exfoliating part is a bit rough but not bad.

Simple Eye Make-up Remover: I ran out of my MAC makeup remover so I needed something fast and just picked this up from my local drugstore. I like it a lot it does take a bit longer then i would like to remover my waterproof mascara but other then that I really like it.

Jason Purifying Tea Tree Pure Natural Deodorant Stick: THIS STUFF SUCKS FOR YOU UNDERARMS!!! It is terrible, its really slick, and when you sweat in the hot weather it intensifies it, and it doesn't help block odor or anything. BUT I have been using it to stop razor burns/bumps for my lady bit.

Summer's Eve Simply Sensitive Cleansing Cloths- I love these wipes, I love using them after a workout or when I'm on that special time of month.(not so special HA) and when its really hot out to freshen up. I'm not embarrassed, you have to stay clean and fresh! 

Dickinson's Original Witch Hazel Pore Perfecting Toner- I use this everyday and night after I wash my face to help control Oils, and to minimize my pores on my nose. I love it! it also helps with the redness I sometimes get on my face.

L'oreal Paris Youth Code- SPF 30 Day Cream- My favorite skincare line EVER. Enough said.

 MAC Cosmetics Lipstick in PleasureSeeker, I love this color its from MACS Heavenly Creature Collection and Neo SCI-FI  collection. Perfect lipstick for any occasion!
Jouer Cosmetics- These are two seperate eyeshadows but you can connect them together ITS SO COOL!
The colors from left to right is: Bordeaux & Amaretto I love these colors and have been using them alot!

Urban Decay's Naked Palette- I feel like this is always on EVERY ONES Monthly favorites. BECAUSE its so amazing, the colors are gorgeous, the pigmentation is fantastic and you can create so many looks and do so many things with one palette! 

MAC COSMETICS Eye Shadow x2- Baby, Its Cold.. & Woodsmoke. Its from MAC's Ice Parade Collection from last year 2011, Gold Iced Delights.

 Mac's Carbon Eyeshadow I have literally had this since high school! My first ever MAC eyeshadow and I love it so much I mainly use this for Eyeliner purposes! for a softer look.Makes my eyes pop!

Mac Paint Pot in Morning Frost- I use to use nothing but Urban Decay Primer Potion but I don't think I'll ever go back. I have just fallen in complete love with this paint pot its perfect!

Chanel's Illusion D'Ombre in Illusoire- I LOVE THIS! its so soft and buttery and perfect! I like to use this when I only have a short time to do my make up. Sometimes I will also put Naked Lunch all over my lid and then smudge this into the outer corner of my eye and also on my bottom lashes.

Maybelline MasterShape Eyebrow Pencil in Soft Brown- Best Eye Pencil EVER!

 MAC Mineralize Skinfinish From the Semi Precious Collection in Semi Precious Goldstone, I use this as a bronzer and a blush its perfect for summer and gives you an amazing nice natural glow!

Jennifer Aniston's Perfume- This seriously makes me smell so good, I am a big fan of Jen Aniston she is gorgeous and makes a damn phenomenal perfume! I just constantly catch myself sniffing myself when I wear this perfume!

What are your month favorites for July??

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

MAC Cosmetics Pearl & Cremesheen Fall 2012

YAY its new MAC Collection time :) I love when new collections come out!
This collection is PERMANENT! so you do not have to rush online and to you local mac stores or wherever MAC is sold. 

Lipsticks: 14.50$
- Pink Pearl Pop- Frosted Midtonal Pink 
- Sunny Seoul- Frosted Light Warm Pink
- Peach Blossom- Frosted Cool Nude
- Saignon Summer- Frosted Bright Orange
- Coral Bliss- Frosted Light Coral
- Pure Zen- Frosted Warm Nude
- Shanghai Spice- Frosted Neutral Pink
- Japanese Maple- Frosted Light Beige

Cremesheens: 19.50$
- Floating Lotus- Frosted Soft Rose
- Paper Lantern- Frosted Soft Warm Pink
- Dynasty at Dusk- Frosted Neutral Pink
- Rising Sun- Frosted Bright Orange
- Pagoda- Frosted Cool Pink
- Double Happiness- Frosted Light nude
- Imperial Light- Frosted Light Peach

I just want to say this now OMGAWWDDDD?!?! I love cremesheens they are my favorite type of lip gloss from mac they just are the perfect formulation for me, personally!!! They are available online August 2nd at MAC Cosmetics and August 9th IN STORES.

Anything you are wanting to get? I can't wait to see swatches of these :) 

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

Monday, July 30, 2012

Essie Over The Edge Swatch

I haven't bought a black nail polish since middle school!!! I don't really like the look of an all black nailpolish, this has some shimmer in it. Most gorgeous black nail polish I have used by far. this cost 8$ and you can find them at any drugstore.

What do you think?

Love & lipstick, Lyss

China Glaze Splish Splash swatches

This color is gorgeous I definitely love the color blue! I you haven't gotten a polish from this collection you should!!!

China Glaze Love's A Beach Swatches/Review

Ah I am just completely an utterly in love with this new collection from China Glaze!! I used two coats for this application. You can find this polish online and in beauty stores that sell China Glaze.

China Glaze Surfin' For Boys review an swatches

This Is from China Glaze's new summer collection called Summer Of Neons, I love almost all of the colors from this collection except for a few I'm not to crazy about. This color is so pretty!!!! Ah I love it so much, you only need one coat but two would make it brighter.

Wet n' Wild Coloricon Don't Be Shellfish Bronzer Review/Swatches

I found this at my local drugstore along with the other Bronzer this was one of the last two available at the store of this color. I paid 3.99 for this Bronzer. The seashell is a golden shimmery peach color. The bronze color is a bit deeper/darker then Me Shell My Belle.
I love the peach shimmery golden color it is gorgeous and when the two are mixed it definitely tones down the bronze. This bronze color if you want to use alone would work better on darker complexions but mixed together could be used on any complexion.

What do you think?

Love & Lipstick, Lyss

Wet n' Wild Coloricon Bronzer Me Shell My Belle Review/Swatches

I came across this Bronzer at my local Drugstore by chance, I usually see wet n' Wilds with just plain ol' one color Bronzers. Anywho I saw these and I just had to get them, I think there were three? I got two. I bought the last Me Shell My Belle at my local drugstore. It's pretty big, well like their other Bronzers in size. CRUELTY FREE :)
I got this for 3.99$
I recommend going easy on the Bronzer with how much you use it is pretty pigmented. You also could use just the seashell as a blush and the Bronzer by itself or you could mix tem :) the shell is to me a rosey pink. This could work on all skin tones , if you re more fair skinned definitely go easy on how much you use as to not over do it.

Do you have any of the Wet n' Wild Bronzers?

Love & Lipstick, Lyss

Wet n' Wild Sweet As Candy Trio Palette Review/Swatches

So I saw some swatches of this palette on some other beauty blogs and I thought I had to have it. This only cost 2.99, to me Wet n' Wild has the greatest products for cheap! I mean what a steal, there are so many other drug store brands that are great as well. But for the price and quality these are amazing! I've included both flash and non flash pictures!

What do you think about Wet n'Wild? Do you have any of their Trio palettes?

Revlon Colorstay 16 hr eye shadow quad review/swatches

I picked this up at my local drug store, it's originally 8.99 but I got it on sale for 6.99. This quad is #555 Moonlit.
Well first of the lid to this quad is kind of flimsy, and that is confirmed because I hat got this the other and my first time opening it up and the lid is broken.
Swatches are going to be from top to bottom, left to right!
I am definitely loving this palette, the colors are gorgeous the pigmentation is very good. I'm going to have to heck out more of Revlons Colorstay 16hr quads.

Do you have any of the Revlon Colorstay Quads? Any recommendations? What do you think of these quads?

Love & Lipstick, Lyss