Friday, July 6, 2012

Beachbody Ultimate Reset (day 4)

BeachBody Ultimate Reset

The Ultimate Reset is a 21 day program/system designed to help you lose weight, increase energy and lower cholesterol. In 21 days it will help your body get rid of toxins you have been taking in for decades, it will restore your body to its optimal health. Making you healthier then you have ever been. 
It comes with 6 different supplements, an introduction dvd, a little Ultimate Reset Pouch to carry your supplements in when your on the go, a cooking class dvd to help you make the meals provided in the Ultimate Reset Program and Nutrition Guide, also a Ultimate Reset Bracelet. The meal plan is 3 different stages for 1 for each week. The meals so far have been DELICIOUS! and very filling, while still being healthy fulfilling meals!

It is 30 day money back guaranteed!

I recently received my Ultimate Reset 4 days ago, so today is my fourth day.  I have read other peoples reviews where they say they are having headaches from mild-severe, that they are having coffee withdrawls, and they feel sluggish and tired. I do not have any of those sysmptoms, coffee I don't drink I do enjoy a frappucino every now and then though (Especially the Starbuck Mocha Cookie Crumble)DELISH! I have been doing great with NO ALCOHOL, I wake up feeling better then usual, not tired, no headaches, I'm not sluggish at all. 

I set alarms to remind myself when to take a dose of the reset and when to eat. The only thing that kills me and will continue to kill me during this 21 day Ultimate Reset is that I can't do any intense workouts! The most I can do is some pilates, yoga, stretching and walking. I'm a total cardio lover, I love HIIT workouts. So that is the only struggle during this. 

I really recommend you give it a try I mean you have nothing to lose because in 30 days you can get a full refund!! 

My results so far even with me only being on my fourth day of the Ultimate Reset I've lost 2lbs, and my tummy looks flatter, which to me means my bloating is going down :)

If you want to check it out for yourself, and other peoples testimonies Ultimate Reset(click here)

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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