Saturday, July 28, 2012

Review: Kiss My Face All Natural Shampoo/Conditioner

It's suppose to be Organic and great for kids, I saw this in my local grocery stores organic section and got super excited because there are chemicals in baby Johnson that have been proven to cause cancer and other problems. This smells sooo amazing though. I have been using it on my son for about 2months and he is having an allergic reaction to the shampoo/conditioner. I noticed after I rinse it out his hair feels rough and dry? Uhm I thought this was a shampoo/conditioner a 2 in one!! Why is it so dry?! So all in all I threw this product out, I would NOT recommend it! I am currently looking for other options that are organic. If you know of anything let me know! :)

Have you tried any kiss my face products?

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