Monday, July 16, 2012

Update On BeachBody Ultimate Reset!! Hit or Miss?!

I wanted so much to love this product!! I love BeachBody their workout programs/systems are fantastic and so much fun! But this was definitively a MISS! I didn't really have to change my diet or cut out coffee because well I was and am already on a very healthy diet/food plan; and I'm not a big coffee drinker (although I do love me some Starbucks Frappucinos!) Anyways back to the Ultimate Reset I was surprised that I was going through this Reset so easily! I had no with drawls or any craving or headaches no feeling tired or weak etc. So I completed Week 1 easily, piece of cake a breeze, or a walk through the park. :p Onto Week 2 The Detox week... well this one ugh the drinks were just terrible the taste and smell just made me gag! I followed a strict time schedule I had about a million alarms set for everyday. I did everything I was suppose to do, but I wasn't feeling any changes, nothing! So sad to say I actually returned the Ultimate Reset for a full REFUND!! Thank goodness. I guess it doesn't work for everyone, but thats ok Ill be getting my money back $$$ 

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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