Monday, September 10, 2012

Lumene Day & Night Creams

Lately I have been very intrigued with this brand, but a lot of their things can be very very  pricey! I'm always excited to get something for cheap from this brand because you know its good quality! So I saw these mini super cute day and night creams! I'm like this will be a great way to try the product before I pay over 20$ for the full size item. I paid roughly 3-4$ for each of these mini cream jars. I picked them up from my Local Drug Store, I haven't had a chance to try the creams out, but I am hoping I will get the chance this week so I can review it and see how I feel about it. Now i thought oh paying 3-4$ and they are in these mini jars they won't be much product in the jars, but when I opened it up I was pleasantly surprised. They are filled to the brim as much as possible!! and I think that with face products a little always goes a long way.
They have a light normal face cream smell, except the Vitamin C+ Day Cream has a light citrus scent. All of these creams are made with Artic heather(?) The day creams have an SPF of 15. Each Jar is 15ml or 0.5 fl oz.  I would have got the Vitamin C+ Night Cream but I didn't see any available in the mini size. So here are the creams broken down. Also the Firming Day Cream has a kind of off white color tone, while the Firming Night Cream has a Bright very bright white color tone, and the Pure Radiance Day cream has a light orange tint to it.

1. Firming Day Cream- TIME FREEZE 
2. Firming Night Cream- Time Freeze goes with the above mentioned day ream
3. Pure Radiance Day Cream Vitamin C+ 

Here are some pictures:

Natural Light (Left to right: Firming Day Cream, Firming Night Cream, Pure Radiance Day Cream)

Same order as mentioned above

Firming Day Cream

Firming Night Cream

Pure Radiance Day Cream

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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