Monday, August 20, 2012

DIY :Do it yourself Pink Ombré

So about two weeks ago I processed my hair to pull out the black dye and it worked fantastically! I didn't expect the results to be so good. Then I decided I wanted to mix it up. I have done pink in my hair before a few years ago, with the help of my older sister Courtney. I died the full bottom half of hair(underneath) and then I dyed my whole head of hair to a pink :) I loved it. Anyways I will included some pics of how it was a few years back.
Now since I'm writing this post from my iphone4s the blogger app likes to mix up the order of the pictures(frustrating)

Things you need:
-towel or something to cover shoulders/neck
-mixing bowel optional you can use in squeeze tube if you prefer
-color dye in your choice
-one of those color combs to apply color dye
-some music or book to keep yourself occupied
-and remember where something that you won't care if it gets ruined.

Step 1.) if you have a black dye in hair you should process 1-2 weeks before doing this that way the bleach works better! But that's optional. It won't effect results at all.

Step 2.) go buy your choice of bleach and color dye( in my case pink) I am using Splat just because I wanted to test it out! :)

Step 3.) wrap a towel or something of your choice around your shoulders and neck. Because of your get bleach on your akin it may give you bleach burns,red spots and be irritated for a few hours.

Step 4.)follow bleach instructions/directions to mix up the bleach. If you use Splats they say you should use immediately for best results.

Step 5.) put on gloves squeeze bleach on hands, a generous amount not to much. Then apply to bottom of hair now some people do this differently you can use rubber bands and mark how far up you want to go. But I just freehanded it I just rand the bleach through my hair making sure I didn't miss any spots. I focused a lot on the ends so that it would be super bright there!

Step 6.) leave bleach on for as long as you like but remember not to long and keep checking the process. You can wrap with bleach but I just decided to let it hang loose :p I left my bleach on for 45mins.

Step 6.) Wash out bleach once you have reached where you would like it to be. I would have kept it on longer but got worried that since it was already 45 minutes.

Step 7.) dry hair or let air dry until hair is slightly damp.

Step 8.) then apply color, :) this is where it gets very messy Haa I had pink dye pretty much all over me. I used a dye applying comb to make sure I got every tiny hair. Them wrapped with aluminum foil. I let sit for about 1 1/2 hours then I rinsed out until the water ran a light pink. You can rinse till the water is clear entirely up to you.

Step 9.) Make sure you shampoo and condition especially the ends!

And that's it of you don't want to do a color ombré and you just want an ombré then you can go buy a box or two of blonde hair dye and apply that to your ends. You don't want to do a straight line because that will not be an ombré and it wouldn't look very natural at all. This way my first time bleaching my own hair, I have done my friends before and I have dyed it myself but this is first time with bleach.

Here are some pictures again sorry they will be put out of order thanks to the Blogger App.
The pictures of my hair from a few years ago will be the ones where my whole head is pink and just the underneath part is pink. :)

Let me know if you try this yourself! I'm totally loving colored Ombré's or jut ombré's in general!
(the grey tank is after the bleach. 45mins and it didn't lighten up as much a I wanted but I'm thinking if I used foil it would have lightened more but I still love the results)

Things you will need! Yes that is Fifty Shades of Grey :)

What comes inside the Splat! Kit

Got my Shoulders covered(i added a towel over this!)

What my hair look like after bleaching(mind my crazy expression haa i was doing my hair from 12midnight to 8am)

The pink dye is in my hair and now we wait!! Yes i do look quite silly

After results! 

You can actually see the ombre  better in person! with natural lighting. Its currently dark outside so I cannot get a good picture
I love the pink ombre better when my hair is curled!

And here are the pictures from 2009! on how My sister did my hair :)

First I did just the underneath split my hair in two as you can tell and only bleach the underneath section and dyed pink!

Then there was this! haa I dyed it purple! and added some pink at the tips/ends!

Another View of it!

This was after that like maybe 6months! I decided what the heck I'm going for it!
I do quite miss all my hair being pink!

What do you think would you ever do a crazy wacky fun color in your hair?

Love & Lipstick, Lyss

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