Tuesday, August 16, 2011

My Little Boy Turned 1 years old

Being a Mother is the best thing I could ever be or ask for. From the moment I got pregnant to the moment I have gave birth to taking care of him, it has been amazing and such a journey. He is my world and my everything, I love spending every moment with him!
So Friday August 12th Kelvin turned 1 years old, we celebrated his birthday on Saturday August 13th :) we got him a smashcake & we decorated it in Jungle Theme, He had such a great time. To think its been a year since I had it..it just feels unreal, time has gone by so fast..and I wish it would slow down just a bit. but anyways I just wanted to make a post about HIM because without him I wouldn't be who I am today! Mommy Loves you.

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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  1. Aww your little man is just too precious. Congrats on his mileston! My sisters' baby just turned one and just as an auntie it feels unreal, time truely does fly by! x -Lerin