Friday, July 8, 2011

Blue Sky Sparkle A Nail Tutorial!

I was getting quite bored with just the normal day to day solid nail polish color. I wanted greatly to mix it up, add some PIZAZZZ! Plus I wanted a cool, pretty & fun nail look for my wedding ceremony. YES I'm married I'm Now Mrs. Fermin!  Anyways, I searched through my makeup stash to see if i had any jewels or loose glitter to add in the mix, sure enough I found some white/silver glitter. 

Here is a list of what you will need:
1. Nail Polish Remover
2.Blue Nail Polish ( any shade)
3. Loose glitter
4. Cotton Balls or paper towels
5. a clear overcoat or any overcoat to put over nail polish
6. Some lotion because nail polish tends to dry out my fingers (moisturize those cuticles)

You want to start out with clean/bare finger nails and don't forget to lotion up those puppies (everybody loves soft hands)
my hands aren't they may look like it in the pic.

Then grab your blue nailpolish, any shade it doesn't matter so long as its blue..or else it defeats the purpose of being called "Blue Sky Sparkle" and put atleast 2 coats on each nail. You have two choices 1. paint one nail at a time, grab a pinch of glitter sprinkle it on your nail and repeat OR 2. Paint all your nails, let them dry, apply an Overcoat polish to one nail, sprinkle on the glitter then repeat.
I personally like option (2) that way your polish lasts a bit longer with less chipping. 

I'm using Milani's Neon Nailpolish is Dude Blue

I'm using Wet N' WIld loose Glitter(I've had it for years not sure if they still sell this kind)

I don't know about you but I LOVE to paint atleast one nail a completely different color. If you also like doing this then I say go for it! Its a very cute look! 

The purple nail polish is Milani Neon in Rad Purple

Final look!!

Now you may think that is way to much glitter girl!!! but honestly its not, all the excess glitter will fall off and you will be left with perfectly sparkly nails! You DO NOT I repeat DO NOT want to apply an OVERCOAT atop the glitter, because it will end up looks just bumpy and funky. Trust me using either option 1 or 2 the glitter will last quite a bit.

Happy Nail Painting Ladies!! :)

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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