Wednesday, July 6, 2011

Fitness Vol 1. Edition 1. (TURBOFIRE)

 Yes this is going to be a post about fitness, I think exercise is very important. It keeps you body healthy, strong, and of course its like a fountain of youth. This topic is very important to me and I'm very proud how far I have come. So lets get into it shall we?!

Being over-weight is always such a touchy feeling, everyone is embarrassed and ashamed they let it get so bad. Some wallow in self-pity and make it worse WHILE others take immediate action. Here is my story: I have never been over weight a day in my life..that was until Nov 2009 I found out I was pregnant. I ate very healthy and drank tons of water, I put myself on a strict diet..but somehow I was gaining MORE weight then expected/usual at a fast rate. I was due in August 2010, by that point I weight 220+lbs, I was very ashamed and embaressed and depressed I had gained so much. Before I got pregnant I was in a size 9 at 135-140, I gained at minimum 80lbs (jaws drop) I have no idea how I gained so much weight it was tearing me up.. I didn't want ANY pictures at all. Which now that I look back on it, I regret it because my son, my husband and I won't have many pictures to look back on. I went a week passed my due date and was induced, I gave birth to an extremely healthy baby boy(7lbs8oz). I was so tired and exhausted I didn't care that pictures were being taken.  

I did not like the way my body looked, I avoided mirrors at all cost and would avoid hanging out with any of my friends because I didn't want them to see the extreme amount of weight I had put on. I was more then determined that as soon as my doctor gave me the "A-OK" I was going to kick it in gear. I got that word from her, and I changed everything about myself. I ate smaller portions six times a day, lots of fruits/veggies/whole grains, drank tons of water. I cut out sweets,bad carbs , salt, junk food, fried/greasy foods and stopped eating past 8pm. That alone helped me lose about 15 pounds, it wasn't going as I planned. So its late at night I'm just scanning through every infomercial ever made! And there it solution, my new ADDICTION! 

It was an infomercial for this workout program, from Beach Body and it was called TurboFire. It looked extremely fun, different unlike anything I'd ever seen before and not to mention there was a very pretty, blonde, funny, and energetic trainer they would show. They then showed before and afters of the many people that have lost weight with this program. Right there I was convinced this would be the workout for me, I called right away and said SIGN ME UP BABY!  I waited and waited like it was christmas for that package to arrive at my front door. Finally I recieved it, I read the books that were included, watched the Get Fired Up information dvd and gathered all the food I would need to follow the meal plans.

First I started the Five Day Inferno and I lost about 5lbs and maybe 10inches. I was very pleased with myself, so I started following the actual TurboFire Schedule. Everyday(but Sunday) I would work out at the same time exactly 230pm. NO EXCEPTIONS this was time for me, to make myself feel better. I never felt better about sweaty so much, I looked forward to it. I pushed my self harder then anything I've ever set my mind to. I stuck to the program, I followed the meal plans and I'm so proud to say I am now 150lbs. When I look back at pictures my mouth drops, because I just can't believe the big differnce I made in under a year. I was feeling great and looking great, it worked for me. I gloated so MUCH!!! I was proud of myself for losing 70lbs, and I have every right to be.

Ill include some pictures of before and after so you can see the big difference/change!!!
Beachbody worked for me and I BET if you gave it a chance and stuck to it, and made it NON-NEGOTIABLE. You will reach your goal whether its to tone/tighten your body, lose weight, or maybe a few inches here and there, maybe you want muscle. You can achieve all of that and more you just have to believe in yourself.

TurboFire is the best workout program I have ever seen and tried. I want everyone to know about it, no matter how embarrassed I am about my starting weight. There are a TON of different Beach Body programs that you can chose from.

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Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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