Sunday, July 3, 2011

In Synch with your lips.

Lip Liners sole purpose is to line, define and shape your lips. Also create an easier way to make sure you get you lipstick on your lips and not everywhere else it shouldn't be. This lip pencil is by MAC and its called In Synch its a bright yellow pink. This lip pencil/liner goes with so many lipglasses and lipsticks I already have. Its a fabulous color, they have way more colors to go with any look or color, and alot of them can be used with any color. Lip Pencils by MAC cost $13 US. I have never tried lip liners until just a few weeks ago, because all I saw when I thought about lip liners were the lady that would use extremely dark colors as liners and then a much much lighter color on the lip...which to me looks tacky. BUT if you do it correctly you will just accentuate the already great features you have! I highly recommend checking these out.

Have you ever used lipliners or lip pencils before? Any specific brand you prefer? Have you ever tried and lip liners before?
I'd love to hear your opinions/thoughts.

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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