Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Christmas Wish List! What Do You Want "Santa" to bring you?!

 Its that time of year for your want/wish/christmas lists!!! Have you made yours yet? I bet you did.. I started on my actually in August haa believe it or not.
So here are the things I want as far as beauty/skincare/fragrance wise! Its always always been a tradition with my sisters and mom/dad that we would go get a bunch of store magazines or fashion magazines go online etc and write down everything we wanted.. of course we would have pages upon pages. haha. we knew we were getting it all, but afterwards we would star our top choices and our parents would choose a few things they would get us from that list, it was always so much fun. Point being I know I'm not getting all of this for Christmas.. BUT its still my wish list so OVER TIME( probably TAX TIME) I will def be getting the things I didn't get for Christmas then. :D

 Clarisonic Mia2

 Sigma Mrs.Bunny Brush Set

Jeffrey Campbell RoksHi Shoe

 Taylor Swifts new fragrance Enchanted WonderStruck

Polar Watch FT40 :)

The items on my wish list are quite expensive!! :) BUT i think totally worth it! 
Have you made your Christmas Wish List yet? Whats on your list?

  Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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  1. Well I DEF want those shoes you posted! lol ad that fat burner counter thingy lol