Thursday, November 15, 2012

Skin Care!

 So since moving to Alaska my skin has been going through it, the big climate change, weather change, the air is different, the water is different.. and your probably like " uhhhh no its the same everywere." well you would be wrong.
Back to topic, my skin has just been going crazy and here's what was/is going on:
- Very VERY Oily in my T-Zone.
-ALOT of Breakouts on my forehead
-Then breakouts in random places at a time like cheek, chin temples.
-Pores on my nose got bigger
-And I started getting those under the skin breakouts (where its just a red bump on the surface, it hurts and if you try to pop it it just gets WORSE) yeah those!

So I recently quit smoking(YAY) 5 days ago, 1.) because its just very bad on my body 2.) I want to be alive till my son is in his 80s hahaha :p 3.) Terrible for my skin, nails, and hair.
It has been a little challenging, but I think the first week is easy peasy, but then after that it gets a lot more difficult( yeah I have quit before the most I lasted was 9mnths for pregnancy..or was it 10..)
After quitting I have already noticed that the ashtray breath is gone, lets be real no matter how many times us smokers brush our teeth we still taste and smell like an ashtray. Also that the oily-ness has gone down a lot! I have never had a problem with Oily skin NEVER until recently :/
  But that in some way my dark circles have actually gotten a lot less dark.. if that makes sense to you? I mean that they aren't as defined as before, I look a lot more well rested. BUT back to the reason I wrote this post its because...

Well I have been reading online for ways to get rid of all this oil, and get my skin back to normal, and clear up these breakouts. A lot of what I found is buy this skin care set, or this one. When really these face washes just make things worse the more you wash your face with products with harmful chemicals the worse your skin gets, you think its helping but really its not.. maybe for some people its different but for me its true.. So the same day I quit smoking I also stopped using face products that weren't fully organic.
Most days I just rinse with warm water for 1-2 mins then For another 1-2 mins I rinse with cold water, it removes the oil and dirt and helps my pores(opens them then closes them not to mention the temp change helps make your skin look more awake and not dull) 
And if i wear makeup that day, I remove it with this special home made make up remover I now use (yeah I got rid of the Bliss Make up remover) which if your interested I will make a post about and show you how to make your own.
but since i quit smoking and stopped using face washes that have all these chemicals in it my skin surprisingly has gotten better..
Its drilled into us that to have clean skin you have to constantly wash it.. but i say NO WAY! Back in the day they didn't have these face washes NO. did they even wash their face? That I do not know! BUT if they did.. it was with Organic, Earthly things they made themselves! I mean WHY NOT?! it saves money and your skin.
So after JUST FIVE DAYS my T-zone is no longer over producing oil, in fact my T-zone scale of 1-10, 1 being best 10 being worse.. It was at a 10.5 not its at a 4. That is a BIG CHANGE! The breakouts have actually gotten better they are still there but trust me they have gone down a lot! I really wish I had a before and after picture!
I am still looking for alternatives to face washes whether it be organic or homemade..
I am also in the market for organic moisturizer, eye cream, body wash, lotion and serum. 
I will be getting Organic Shampoo/Conditioner, once I use up my current shampoo/condition.. I hate to waste! or If I find one I just love before then I will probably send them to my sister haha.

 What good are you doing for your body? Do you use organic, earth friendly, chemical free body/skin/hair products? Thoughts?

 Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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