Tuesday, June 28, 2011

Embrace the Rollergirl In You

Urban Decay Cosmetics always have very fun palettes and cosmetics in general. The names they chose and the vibrant colors and the Rollergirl Palette is just that. It has four funky fresh eye shadows( not really Funky but hey rollergirl makes me think of the '70s) This palette is perfect for traveling it magnetically shuts closed, and also has a nifty spot to put your eyeliner. 

The Rollergirl Palette includes 4 funky fresh eye shadows, 1 24/7 Glide-on eyeliner, and a Lip Junkie Lipgloss. The colors are very pigmented, easy to blend, and apply smoothly. Its covered in pictures of a Rollergirl, and is very cute. This is a must have to have in your makeup stash. 

Today I was full on RollerGirl in all her glory, I wore everything included in this palette and the lipgloss paired with the eye shadow and eye liner is just a remarkably gorgeous look for day & night. You can pair up or triple or quadruple up these colors it doesn't matter they all still work fantastically with each other. So many looks with just 4 eye shadows? YEAH. The four eyeshadows included are Woodstock(hot pink), Darkhorse(smoldering brown), Suspect(copper), & Verve(pale oyster shimmer)

This palette costs exactly 32.00$, I have looked through all of the ingredients for everything included in this palette and I saw absolutely no parabens which is a good thing. Urban Decay is almost Animal Cruelty FREE! So if you like the looks of this palette but your not to sure on the price, them being cruelty free products should have definitely convinced you to get it. Some of you may think that bright, vibrant pink is scary and you would never have a time to wear it? well that is where you would be wrong, paired with these 3 other amazing neutral eye shadows this look is great for any time, day, & occasion. The pink can be the center of attention or you can just add alittle just for a slight pop of color. your choice. Either way this is a palette you won't regret shelling out the cash on.  

The 24/7 Glide-On EyeLiner included is there #1 best selling eyeliner, 1 of the eye shadows was featured in the much coveted and sought after Naked palette, and another eye shadow was in the Book of Shadows. So the eye shadows/eyeliner included are nothing but the best and most popular from Urban Decay. The Lip Junkie Lipgloss(in Crush) of course has that signature peppermint smell, every time I apply one of UD's lip Junkies it takes me to a place FILLED with an endless amount of York Peppermint Patties(yummm!) as far as the eye could see and the nose could smell. The lip junkie's rated on a scale of regular-MAC lipglass stick would be regular I couldn't notice any stickiness when I applied this fun color. It had a wear time of exactly 6 hours (yes I timed it) it stayed glossy, vibrant, and pepperminty the entire time. 
 You can check out the Rollergirl Palette On the UD site by clicking this link (yes the words :p)

Upclose of all the eye shadows

From left to right: Darkhorse, Suspect, Verve, Woodstock

24/7 Glide-On Eye Pencil in Whiskey

Lip Junkie Lipgloss in Crush on the right is what it looks like blended in the lip.depending on how much you apply.

Do you own any products from Urban Decay? Do you think you would love/hate the rollergirl palette? Do you already own it? What are ways you would wear Rollergirl Palette?

Happy Shopping!! :)

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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  1. I LOVE URBAN DECAY EYE MAKEUP!!! and this palette is amazing, YOU'RE right... I DO LOVE THIS and this is something I would seriously consider buying. and the cover is soooo cute lol