Monday, June 27, 2011

NYX - Diamond Sparkle Lip Glosses

I bought these lip glosses when they were featured on Hautelook , they were selling a set of 13 for 21.50, when those lip glosses originally cost 5.50 each! So that was definitely a steal and I just had to get it. It was the first NYX product I ever purchased/tried, so I said what the heck, I'll go for it.  NYX has 15 different shades of this diamond sparkle lipgloss but 2 weren't included in the set and thats- Rose Sparkle and Plum Sparkle.

There are many different shades included in this set, and they are so gorgeous. There is a weird smell when you first apply the lip gloss, its hardly noticeable and quickly fades away.  These lip glosses have very rich color, but can be sheer at the same time without losing their color, also they aren't sticky in the slightest bit. Their staying power is about 2-4 hours for me, which is pretty good, because I do not enjoy reapplying my lip gloss every 30 minutes.

(all the glosses lined up)

From Top to Bottom: Fuschia Sparkle, Copper Sparkle, Bronze Sparkle, Pink Sparkle, Silver Sparkle, Paprika Sparkle, Gold Sparkle, Ginger Sparkle, Orange Sparkle, Walnut Sparkle, Rust Sparkle, Beige Sparkle, Red Sparkle.

If you would like to check out these glosses you can click on NYX Diamond Sparkle Lip Glosses they are definitely gorgeous colors. 

Which of these shades would you be less likely to wear? Which of these shades do you love the most? Any you want to purchase? What is your experience with Nyx Diamond Sparkle Lipglosses? Have you ever tried anything from NYX Cosmetics?

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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  1. I've never tried NYX lip gloss before because it was so expensive, but now that I know it might be worth the price tag, I think I'll try it out. I will most likely go for a super sheer shade, I rarely wear lots of color on my lips because I do my eye makeup like TO THE XTREME lol So the silver sparkle or brown shades look more my type :p LOVE YOUR BLOG!