Thursday, June 30, 2011

MAC- Teddy Eye Kohl- I HEART you!

Teddy Eye Kohl by MAC is a beautiful Bronze that does have a bit of sparkle to. Which makes it perfect for any look. I like to pair this with Sparkle Neely, Sparkle! by Amber Katz(MAC). You can smudge out this eye kohl to create a smokey look, or go bold. It can travel a bit down your eyes so to avoid that I recommend setting it with an eyeshadow.

Teddy Eye Kohl costs US$14.50, every time I hear Teddy I instantly think of my fluffy adorable stuff Teddy Bears from when I was a little girl. This eyeliner is definitely a popular product from MAC, you should atleast have one bronze eyeliner in your makeup bag. You will not be disappointed with this color I can tell you that, I use it every time I do my makeup whether its for a day look or a night look IT WORKS!  You can check out Teddy and all of his Eye Kohl friends here MAC Eye Kohl  

I <3 Teddy Eye Kohl 

What do you think about MAC eye kohls? Do you like eye kohls? What do you think about Teddy?

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

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