Sunday, June 26, 2011

Pretty Powerful- Powerful Palette by Bobbi Brown. Is actually Pretty Powerful!

"I Believe that all women are pretty without makeup-but with the right makeup can be pretty powerful." - Bobbi Brown

This palette includes four wearable pinks and browns, a plum colored blush, 2 lipglosses(different shades of pink) and 1 lip color(pink fuchsia ). The palette cost 60$, pretty pricey for a palette I agree but when it is coming from Bobbi Brown I say its well worth forking over the cash. This palette was designed for medium to dark complexions, but I am light to medium and it looks stunning.These Palettes are Limited Edition and there are 2 different palettes for Pretty Powerful.First off I am loving the story behind why Bobbi Brown created this palette. So let's get into the swatches and review on this palette, shall we? "yes we shall!" 

(the swipe in that 2 lip gloss is from me accidentally swiping the end of my lip brush through it )

The eye shadows- Navajo, Rose Gold(Shimmer Wash), Burnished Rose, & Chocolate Caviar. These colors are very beautiful you can blend them in for an soft nude look, or smoke them out for a powerful night look or just a sexy day time look. These eye shadows pack a big punch with or without an eye primer, very easy to blend together. I am just in love with these colors. Three of the eye shadows are matte and there is only one eye shadow that has a bit of shimmer to it, which makes this palette so easy to use.

From left to right : Chocolate Caviar, Burnished Rose, Rose Gold, & Navajo

The blush is called Plum and it is just that a gorgeous matte plum color. For this blush ALOT goes a long, long way it is very pigmented. I made the mistake of when I first tried out this palette and put way to much on the blush brush and went to apply it to my cheeks and it looked intense! So depending on your skin tone you might want to take it easy on how much of this blush you use. This blush for me has a wear time of about 6-8 hours so it is pretty long lasting.

On the right is the Plum blush blended in 

There are 2 lip glosses and 1 lip color - Pink Pudding(Shimmer), Pink Bouquet(Glitter), & Powerful Pink. The 2 glosses are kind of on the sheer side, they have some color but not noticeable when applied over your natural lip color. However the lip color is actually very pigmented. I was pleasantly surprised when I applied these on my lips and they AREN'T sticky in the slightest bit, they apply very smooth and don't dry out.

From left to right- Pink Pudding(shimmer), Pink Bouquet(glitter) & Powerful pink(lip color)

This palette obviously looks amazing, very pigmented eye shadows & blushes, 2 glosses and 1 lip color. There is one downside of this palette and its that the blush and eye shadows are right beside the glosses and lip color, so when there is fallout of the the other products it gets all over the lip glosses & color.. which isn't very fun to try to wipe all the excess color off. The palette looks so fun and pretty and the mirror is great for on the go times and even travel.

Overall this palette is definitely worth the price tag!! 

I only have the Powerful Palette at the moment but there is another palette called Pretty Palette. Here is a link to check that out Pretty Powerful-Bobbi Brown-The Pretty Palette

I checked Sephora and I couldn't find the Powerful Palette but they do have The Pretty Palette, you can also check out both palettes at Bobbi Brown Cosmetics

Love & Lipstick, Alyssa

P.S. -- I tried to say the words Pretty & Powerful as much as I could! Did you notice? :p

What do you think about this palette? Do you think you are going to purchase this? Is this on your Most Coveted Beauty Products list? Or do you already own 1 of the 2 Pretty Powerful Palettes or BOTH?!

Also before you go here is a link to the Bobbi Brown Pretty Powerful Buzz-- The Buzz of Pretty Powerful- What is it? Check out the video!

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