Sunday, June 12, 2011

Xen-Tan Deserves A Standing Ovation!

 This stuff is my NEW Holy Grail! If you are anything like me and your PALE and every Self-Tan you have tried has streaked really bad, turned you orange, and was splotchy. Then you will believe me when I tell you this stuff is AMAZING. No joke, a self-tan that gives me, a great natural looking glow and tan. I thought to myself "How could this be?How could this be better then spray tans? and tanning beds?"
            Well for one it doesn't give you skin cancer and doesn't make you age after so and so amount of uses.  And you don't have to watch some 15minute video before you hope into a spray tan booth. I recommend you purchase this stuff ASAP, because its just that good. I can't stop tweeting about this stuff to save my life. Once again Birchbox has given me yet another product I can't imagine my life without after using it. I would recommend you use a self-tan mitt or a ziploc baggy if you don't have a mitt handy, and apply it in circular motions "Wax on, Wax Off" haaa anyways, you can get one from ulta they are fairly in-expensive and you can reuse them over and over again. Make sure you exfoliate and moisturize very good before apply self-tan lotion, especially your ankles, knees, elbows etc. 
   Now back to Xen-Tan, mine is in Dark and its the Deep Bronze Luxe, it says it lasts a week and for me it has, it just is a matter of up keep. There is a smell at first it smells like Chocolate Coconuts..sounds weird but no IT SMELLS DELICIOUS. Then after it sets in you start to smell that self-tanning lotion smell, but it isn't that bad. You can purchase it at  39$ for 8 fl oz, which I think is worth it. I of course got mine in my Monthly Birchbox, so I didn't pay that much for it. BUT you better believe once I get through this 1 oz sample and trust me it won't last long, I WILL be re-purchasing this by the end of the month I guarantee you.

Love & Lipstick,

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